Multi User Solutions

Nowadays, computers can be very powerful devices and as such, the processor usage can be quite minimal.  If this processor power could be harnessed and then shared with other users at the same time, then significant financial savings could be made.  Well there is a way.

The solutions that we supply can turn a standard single computer into multiple independent workstations without sacrificing performance.  Users will still be able to use their applications as normal, such as the MS Office\Libre Office suite, web browsers and software to access remotely hosted (e.g. “cloud”) solutions.

This offering from NorthQuayIT allows up to 10 virtual desktops using a single computer running either Microsoft Windows or one of the many Open Source Linux desktops. 

NorthQuayIT has proven that this solution is ideal for small organisations as well as for training environments.  Imagine not having to install software on every user's desktop computer.  There is now only the one device to configure.  Now how much time and effort could that save you?

Our multi-user sharing solutions can not only allow organisations to gain additional workstations by the re-configuring of the currently installed computers but to also save your money by reducing the number of new computers to be  purchased. 

With fewer physical computers being required, you will cut down on the electricity needed to power the machines and cool the office.  And when it comes to the hardware's end of life, there is less 'e-waste' for disposal too.

Go Green,  Reduce ... Reuse ... Recycle.