The Business Advantage

The initial Low Procurement Cost. To many of us that means "free" and in the majority of cases it is exactly that, free. With no license fees for an open source software package, the annual license fees cost drop to zero. So all that you have to pay for is for the installation \ configuration costs and for any support contracts if so required. Exactly the same as you would have to do for any proprietary business application but without the upfront cost of the product.

Examples of the types of software available:

  • Desktop operating systems (OS) to replace Microsoft Windows
  • Office suite of desktop applications that allow you to write letters, create spreadsheets and presentations
  • Complete telephone systems with built in voicemail
  • Databases
  • Email clients
  • Internet Browsers
  • Photo Editing\Drawing suites
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems to keep track of your client accounts and marketing leads
  • Enterprise Content Management systems

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So, if you're exasperated by the spiralling cost of IT systems find out more about Open Source Software. With all the many benefits it holds, it should be considered, seriously.

So you have to ask yourself, "why am I still paying for software to run my business?"