Thin clients

The pace of technological change has led to an amazing array of options for businesses to have a more cost effective IT infrastructure.  Instead of each user having their own PC with locally installed and licensed applications, access can be delivered by way of the “Cloud” and virtual computing using the smallest of physical devices.   As applications are no longer installed locally on a user's PC raises the question of would every user need to have their “own” workstation at all?  

This is the concept of “Thin Client Computing”.  This is not a new concept however, our offering to the Channel Isles is.
The Jack PC

Just imagine taking a PC and compressing it to fit the size of a network point; thus eliminating all the disadvantages of a PC and benefiting from the advantages of having a central server network instead.  A computer that is literally the size of a network wall port meaning there is no need for any desktop space. The device core is just 6 cm x 6 cm (2.4” x 2.4”)

The monitor, keyboard & mouse simply plug straight into the unit in the wall, floor or even installed into a desk.  

And taking advantage of “Power over Ethernet” means it doesn't even require a mains cable to power it.

Gone is the power hungry desktop PC with all its attendant cabling sat on the desk or under the feet of the user. A truly effective desktop computing solution for the modern office.


The Plug PC

The Plug PC is a great combination of contrasts.  A desktop appliance that can be plugged into a DVI monitor so powerful it can provide fully functional multimedia video performance.  And all this in a 3 Watt ultra green platform which is smaller than a pack of playing cards.

The mouse and keyboard simply plug into the Plug PC which is simply plugged into the monitor.

Gone is the power hungry PC with all its excessive cabling sat on or under the user's desk.

As well as reducing your electricity costs and thus increasing  your bottom line, you are increasing your Green Credentials too.  With no bulky PC hardware to dispose of after the customary 5 years, these units also reduce the amount of e-waste entering the environment once their expected 10 year life span is reached.