Web Based Applications

Reliable , secure web-based office tools for your organisation or business

Internet, web based applications can offer simple, powerful communication and collaboration tools for your organisation and business – all hosted by well known companies such as Google and Microsoft that streamline the set-up, minimise maintenance, and hence reduce your IT costs.  Welcome to the "Cloud".

The benefits to you
  • Your emails, documents and applications are always available to you wherever you have internet access
  • Mobile email, calendar, and instant messaging access
  • Industry-leading spam filtering for your email
  • Ideal for on-line booking solutions
  • Availability guarantees of up to 99.9%

Apart from a modern internet browser application on your chosen access device (such as a normal desktop PC\laptop, ChipPc device, tablet\smart phone) there is no other application software to worry about.

An example of the effectiveness of cloud computing was highlighted when a NorthquayIT client wished to run an MS PowerPoint presentation.  To the horror of the presenter standing in front of the audience, it was found that the supplied laptop didn't have MS PowerPoint installed.  A simple upload of the presentation file to their Google Apps account allowed the presentation to take place with the minimum of fuss.  No software to install nor any extortionate software licence fees to pay either.  It just worked and we kind of like that.